Blonde d'Aquitaine.

The Blonde d'Aquitaine breed can be traced back several centuries to the South West of France where they were renowned for being both working draft animals and beef cattle. In 1962, the three different Blonde herd books, the Garonnais, Blonde de Pyrenees and Quercy herd books were merged to form the modern day Blonde d'Aquitaine herd book, thereby significantly broadening the genetic base of the breed.



 The excellent qualities of the three original strains combined with the continual selection programme undertaken since this amalgamation has resulted in the Blonde d'Aquitaine breed possessing its remarkable length of body with excellent muscling in the back and hind quarters combined with easy calving characteristics. The French Blonde dAquitaine herd books policy of performance and progeny testing has resulted in the Blonde breed having more performance information available than any other French breed.




Number of registered Blonde cows in France.