Our herd

It is our goal to breed well muscled and quiet animals with easy births. To achieve this goal we have used A.I. intensive. This have given us the best genes from France, Canada and Denmark.




Over the last couple of years another breeding goal has been to make our heard genetic polled. In 2001 an oppertunity opened to import embryos from one of the best Blonde d'Aquitaine herds in Canada: Southview Blondes. Sire was the homozygous polled Semex bull Top Naturs Topper. The result can now be seen in our herd.



Embryo calf: Engsig Topper 3 days old

Engsig Topper 13 months old


Our goal is to have a pure polled herd, but as we do not want to compromise with our other goals, this is going to take us some years.